Instruction MAnuAl

All LuvALamps pieces are identical. The pieces are usually assembled with the front facing outwards. Each piece has two curved and two straight edges.






A curved edge is ALWAYS placed over the straight edge of another piece.


Below is the sphere being made. Once learning this basic shape, please try your hand at the other diagrams.

1st row: 5 pieces
2nd row: 5 pieces
3rd row: 10 pieces
4th row: 5 pieces
5th row: 5 pieces


The first row is assembled into a rosette.

The five pieces of the second row are attached one by one in a ring around the first row’s rosette.

Turn the work upside-down so that it sits on the table like a bowl. See that all the hooks are correctly joined.

Now the third row is a ring of ten pieces, which are attached to the rim of the ”bowl” and also joined to each other.

When the sphere is finished, check that all hooks are locked, and that curved edges cover all the straight edges.

If your LuvALamp seems difficult to assemble, start again from the beginning. Try to mark the middle of the rosette with a string. Remember always to place the front of the pieces outward. Check after each row.

(The pieces may be labeled with stickers that can be removed after assembly. The five pieces of the first row can be labeled “1”, those of the second row are labeled “2”, the ten of the third row are labeled “3”, and so on.)

The cord with socket and light bulb can now be inserted. The sphere has twelve joints with five hooks in each, and twenty joints with three hooks in each. Loosen two of the hooks in a joint of five, and feed the cord and socket through the joint until the lightbulb hangs in the middle of the sphere.

Close the hooks around the cord .

You can check that the light bulb is in the center by loosening one piece in the side of the sphere and looking in. In the round 30 element lamp, the maximum wattage bulb allowed is 40 W incadecent or up to 100 watt CFL light bulb. Smaller lamps require smaller light bulbs.